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New E-:Learning Courses:

  • This is Scouting

  • TREK Safety

  • Climb on Safety


Adults- Give copies of your E-Learning certificates to Donna




BSA Medical Form


Foothills District Calendar for 2014-2015 available on the District Website


Current BSA Medical Form


  • April 7-12 Okefenokee Swamp

  • April 24-25 TLT

  • May 1-2-3 Rocky Mountain

  • June 11-12-13-14 Backpacking

  • June 28-July 3 Summer Camp @ Woodruff









Our Newest Eagle Scout, Senior Patrol Leader Jacob F.

By the way, there are three Eagle Scouts in the picture. Hint, the lady in red is not one.



Operation Leroy
April 8-9-10-11-12

Fall In at 0500
Q/M opens at 0445

Home Sunday Night 1800 - 1900 (maybe earlier)
>> Survival Kit Must be on your person
>> Canteen is a Must---full please
>> Full Class A (have Class B)
>> Life jacket  >> Sunscreen
>> $$ for breakfast on Wed am
>> Lunch for Wednesday
>> Fishing gear is optional

Camp Cards!
Unsold cards and money are due April 14th
Once check from your parents or cash, please!

scout sunday February 8, 2015
Please come as part of our 204 Scouting family

To thank Maple Avenue and its members for their generous support

10:30 am in full uniform or Sunday best

Summer Camp: Sign Up in January

Early Bird $120

Total $325 if Early Bird paid by 1/27 & total paid by 4/28!

if not, total cost if $350

Join us for a week of Summer Camp at

Woodruff Scout Reservation

in the beautiful Northeast Georgia mountains!

June 28-July3

204 Troop, Pack, and Crew celebrate together....and a fun time was had by all. 



ANNUAL DUES:::::::>   Troop 204 collects dues once a year. Dues cover a multitude of things including BSA registration, Boys Life subscriptions, awards, ranks and merit badges,  activities, special events, insurance, transportation, training, work day supplies, etc.  If you wish to remain chartered with Troop 204 and BSA, you must pay your dues by Tuesday, November 11.  If you have an concern about your dues, please talk to the Scoutmaster.

Adults,  we must have current Youth Protection certification from you.

If your YP training expires before March 2015, please go online to and renew your certification.

                 Scouts::::$100.00          Scouters::::$50.00

Your Annual Dues are due no later than

Tuesday, November 11


Beginning with the January 2015 campout, monthly campout fees will increase slightly to $25.00 ($35.00 if turned in after the due date)


We had a great time at Summer Camp at Comer Scout Reservation!


Fall In!
Members of Troop 204 at Camp Comer for 2014 Summer Camp


The Natives are Friendly at Hunting Island!

Now that I have your sure to check the Troop Facebook page for updates on the Troops arrival time back from a fun campout at Hunting Island Wednesday, April 2, 2014. The deer are wandering through the campsites. You can tell from the ribs showing that these animals had a hard winter.


Our Newest Eagle Scout!

Andrew Way and his proud parents after his Eagle Board of Review



It's Official!
BSA Troop 204 has a new HOME!

Troop 204 is Moving to Maple Avenue United Methodist Church!

Maple Avenue United Methodist Church


BSA Troop 204 is moving to Maple Avenue United Methodist Church in Marietta, GA. The church is located at 63 Maple Avenue, Marietta, GA 30064


As many of you are aware, Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta declined to continue to support the Boy Scouts of America in 2014. We are grateful for the many years RSBC DID supply meeting space for our Troop and are sorry to leave our many friends there.

But after a prolonged search for a new home, Troop 204 has gratefully accepted the Christian offer of Maple Avenue United Methodist Church to become our new sponsor. We are grateful for the church throwing open their facility and their hearts welcoming our Troop. If you have visited Troop 204 you know we are blessed with a huge amount of 'stuff' we have accumulated, over the years, to support our Scouting activities. Maple Street is able to provide us with not only meeting space, but with the storage space we need for stuff and our trailers.


If you have considered Troop 204 as your Scouting home in recent months but were hesitant because of our need to find a new home, rest your mind. Troop 204 is alive and well and you are welcome to join us as we literally move into the future!


BSA Crew 204 is also joining us at Maple Avenue.


Again our heartfelt thanks to Maple Avenue UMC for their commitment to Scouting.


Congratulations to the Summer Camp best patrol


Dark knights



Operation Leroy 2013


Our April 6-10, 2013 expedition to the Okefenokee Swamp was a huge success. A few photos are available on the Troop Facebook page. Remember if you took pictures to make copies and get them to Tim Shannon so they can go in the Troop Archive for future use.



State Park Info- Click Here



2007, 2009 and 2011 Okefenokee Pictures on Facebook

Click here to view pictures of our last Okefenokee Swamp trip. Don't miss this great Scouting Outing!

Click here to view pictures of our 2007 Okefenokee Swamp trip. Or click here to view pictures of our 2011 Swamp adventure

You will have to have a Facebook account and be logged in to view these pictures.


Welcome to Troop 204!

The goal of the Troop 204 Website is to provide a central location for ALL information relating to Troop 204. All forms, event listings and dates, trip info, guidelines, photos and contact information will be posted here and updated as regularly as is humanly possible. We ask that you please bookmark this main page and check back often. Updates & notices will be posted here as soon as we get them.


In addition the Troop has a Facebook page. The Facebook page will have more pictures and most of the information about activities but will not be as complete a source of information as this website.


For further information about you can keep up with BSA Troop 204, please click here.


Hiking at Cloudland Canyons, October 2011

Annual Plans Available!

Annual Plans have been revised. Get your copy and be sure to update your calendars so you don't get left behind!


Troop 204 Improves it's Communication Skills

We are continuing to improve our communication skills and we have come a long way from the Morse Code that used to be required for First Class Scout.


This web site will continue to provide information about the Troop and will continue to be the longest term source of information. Due to the limitations of web design and update, it will continue to be updated by the webmasters, Tim Shannon and Phil Douglas.


Our new 'official' Facebook page will be a source of immediate or timely information and be a venue for our Patrols to post and share information about and within their Patrol. All posts will be monitored for both content and Scouting values and appropriateness. We encourage posts about Scouting and Troop 204 by all members both youth and adult.


We will continue to issue email blasts for all persons who have provided a correct email address to the Troop. Make sure that Donna has your email address to be included in this.


The Bear Patrol Leader has initiated a new Yahoo group that all interested adults can join. This URL is . If you do not have access contact Mike French or Tim Shannon.


If you have concerns about your younger Scout having access to Facebook or he is not yet 13 years old, no problem. Our first recommendation is that Mom or Dad have a Facebook account and be willing to relay information to your Scout. If you have questions, please contact Tim Shannon.


Communication is at the minimum a two way media. Please let us know your feelings and suggestions about this new addition to our Troop.


Tim Shannon

Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop Administration (Dirty Job)



Merit Badge Tip:

If you want to meet with a Merit Badge counselor at a Tuesday night Scout Meeting, do not just walk up to the counselor during the meeting. Meetings are Troop time and your Patrol probably needs your focus. Instead plan ahead and possibly arrange to meet the counselor before pre-opening. You can contact your Merit Badge Counselor in advance by phone, email, or seeing him/her at a prior Scouting activity. If your counselor is at the Troop meeting, that is a good time to arrange for other Merit Badge activities such as getting together to launch a rocket for Space Exploration Merit Badge.




          Venturing Crew 204 is formed. If you are interested you can follow along on the crew's Facebook Page. If you are interested, contact ASM Mike French or Crew Advisor Mike Hawes.



Leader Training Opportunities


Be sure to take advantage of the on line leadership training opportunities. From the comfort of your home computer you can take Youth Protection Training, Boy Scout Leader Fast Start, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense, Troop Committee Challenge and Hazardous Weather. Just go to .


Click on the course you want to take and log in to your account. After successfully completing the course, You can print out the completion card. Be sure to show this to Tracy Ellis so it can be entered in the Troop records.


If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. For this you will need your account number from the front of your BSA membership card. If you don't have a membership card you need to get registered with the Troop. See Donna Vinson to get the forms, and pay your Scouter dues.


Remember every Scout deserves a trained leader!



Are you considering joing Troop 204 and want to know what we do? Go to our Trailblazer page. The Trailblazer is our monthly publication detailing the next month's activies. But we have all of our Trailblazers going back to 2006 available on line. Check it out and see what we've been doing! 


Our Troop Leaders are:

SPL - Jacob F

ASPL - Ian A

QM - Sean E


PL Titans - Kenny V

APL Titans Michael H

PL SPQR - Marcus B

APL - Noah V

PL JASM's - Sid H

Scribe - Noah V

Librarian - TJ B

Chaplain's Aids - Ian A, Michael H, Noah V



April 7

Pre-Opening - Pack N Load for the Swamp

In the Hole - Bring your Patrol tentage and personal gear

Opening - Titans

Service Patrol - Titans

*No Uniform - Home by 2030*


April 14

Pre-Opening - Entomology - Noah

Opening - SPQR

In the Hole - update your gear

Scoutcraft - entomology - Noah

Game - Entomology Game -- Noah and the ASM's

Service Patrol -SPQR


April 21

Pre-Opening - Advance Push by Andy and the Bears

 Opening - Bears

In the Hole - Finalize your food list

Scoutcraft - Candle making by the SPL and Songs with Marcus and Kenny

Game - Steal the Bacon

Service Patrol - Bears


April 28

Pre-Opening - Pack N Load

In the Hole -

Opening - Green Bar

Scoutcraft - Tenderfoot Pere --- our special guest

Game - Kick Ball -- ASMs

Service Patrol - Green Bar


***Balance of Summer Camp $$ Due***




May 1-2-3

Rocky Mountain


Got Facebook?



We DO!


Request to join the TROOP 204 



Scout related discussions and updates. Moderated by our SPL.


If you are logged in to your facebook account, the above links will take you to the Troop facebook page.





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